D1.1   Framework for multiactor Living Labs process phases 1-2 (co-creation and co-exploration) [download]

D1.2   Multi-stakeholder community directory setup (confidential)

D1.3   Report on co-creation process and outcome [download]

D1.4   Extended stakeholder analysis report (adapted to LL concept) (confidential)

D1.5   Report on prosperous farming communities (outcomes of visioning exercises)

D1.6   Multi-stakeholder community directory update (confidential)

D1.7   Multi-stakeholder community directory final (confidential)

D2.1   Current status in pilot regions [download]

D2.2   User requirements formalization [download]

D2.3   Framework for socioeconomic and policy analysis [download]

D2.4   Review of policy instruments for CSA [download]

D2.5   Definition of user requirements [download]

D2.6   Assessment of policy options to promote CSA in pilots

D2.7   Report on adoption potential based on sMCA and SEA

D2.8   Brief for policy makers WP2 13 - 2eco Report (confidential)

D2.9   Update of user requirements [download]

D2.10   Validated user requirements [download]

D3.1   Analysis of parameters to be monitored and required datasets for STARGATE use cases (confidential)

D3.2   STARGATE data collection protocol [download]

D3.3   Report on STARGATE’s dataset management

D4.1   Architecture definition of the Atmospheric Data Assimilation System [download]

D4.2   Architecture definition of the Numerical Weather Prediction System (confidential)

D4.3   Historical Climate Risk Scenarios [download]

D4.4   Future Climate Risk Scenarios [download]

D4.5   Architecture definition of the Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence System (confidential)

D4.6   Architecture definition of the Seasonal Climate Forecasts (confidential)

D4.7   Operational system for the Seasonal Climate Forecasts (confidential)

D4.8   Impact of Conventional and Climate Smart Farming Practices in the Local and Regional Microclimate [download]

D4.9   Development of Agriclimatic Indicators [download]

D4.10   Operational system for Atmospheric Data Assimilation (confidential)

D4.11   Operational system for Numerical Weather Prediction (confidential)

D4.12   Operational system for the Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence System (confidential)

D5.1   Tactical Climate Smart Decision Tools Methodology [download]

D5.2   Crop and Land Suitability Methodology [download]

D5.3   Agro-climatic services for use-cases (confidential)

D5.4   Strategic Climate Smart Decision Tools Methodology [download]

D5.5   DS Tools setup (confidential)

D5.6   DS Tools beta version (confidential)

D5.7   DS Tools prototype (confidential)

D5.8   DS Tools testing protocol [download]

D5.9   DS Tools execution and feedback

D5.10   DS Tools testing the optimized version

D6.1   Multi-actor process and validation framework [download]

D6.2   Multi-actor community directory [download]

D6.3   Pilot area profiles [download]

D6.4   Pilot-specific STARGATE profiles (including documentation of co-creation process & details of implementation) [download]

D6.5   Validation report of first results [download]

D6.6   Validation report of optimal results

D6.7   STARGATE synthesis of methodology (confidential)

D6.8   STARGATE synthesis products Update (confidential)

D6.9   STARGATE synthesis products for end users (confidential)

D7.1   Dissemination and Communication plan setup (confidential)

D7.2   Dissemination pack [download]

D7.3   Dissemination activities report (confidential)

D7.4   Network of Interest formation (confidential)

D7.5   Network of Interest update (confidential)

D7.6   Network of Interest strategic integration of results (confidential)

D7.7   Network of Interest future plans (confidential)

D7.8  Policy analysis reports (1 per pilot area) (confidential)

D7.9   Market analysis of projected innovations (confidential)

D7.10   Market analysis of final products (confidential)

D7.11   Sustainability and exploitation plan of projected innovations (confidential)

D7.12   Sustainability and exploitation plan of final products (confidential)

D7.13   Recommendations for policies that facilitate the transition towards CSA

D7.14   Practice abstracts for early results [download]

D7.15   Practice abstracts Update [download]

D7.16   Practice abstracts from

D7.17   Dissemination and Communication plan update [download]

D7.18   Dissemination activities report update (confidential)

D8.1   STARGATE detailed Project Management Plan and Progress Monitoring Methodology (incl. definition of KPIs) (confidential)

D8.2   Quality Control Plan (confidential)

D8.3   Data Management [download]

D8.4   Gender Action Plan [download]

D8.5   Interim compilation of Agendas and minutes of meetings (confidential)

D8.6   Final compilation of Agendas and minutes of meetings (confidential)

D8.7   Interim IPR Management Report (confidential)

D8.8   Final IPR Management Report (confidential)

D8.9   STARGATE Scoping paper (confidential)

D8.10   STARGATE intranet (confidential)

D9.1   H - Requirement No.1 (confidential)

D9.2   POPD – Requirement (confidential)