Expected Impacts

STARGATE will have a noteworthy impact on the development of an Agricultural Sector in Europe due to the ground-breaking advancements that will provide decision-makers responsible for managing agri-food systems with a profound knowledge on how to optimize irrigation of fields and crops taking into consideration temperature, precipitation, soil type and crop growth models among other parameters, under future climate transitions.

By developing both climate management tools and support systems, it is possible to reach twofold objective to:

  • Provide with the set of recommendations for tillage and soil management (along with precise farming approaches) ready to be implemented and customized to the specific needs of the 9 research sites (6 pilots).
  • Deliver new insights and solutions with a high scalability and potential to transferring to other sites in Europe and beyond (locally, regionally, transnationally).

To achieve this, STARGATE will co-produce knowledge by applying action research within sensitive and carefully sorted research sites for pilot exploitation that also represent the Europe’s variety of climate conditions. As a cross-disciplinary research with a highly participatory approach, it will involve stakeholders/citizens who are the end-users of the overall agricultural process (farmers, citizens-consumers); decision-makers responsible for the soil and water management of the local/region in each research site/pilot; and all other relevant stakeholders and multiplier organizations of the agri-food sector who can ensure a well standing uptake and implementation of STARGATE results.