In STARGATE the communication between farmers, developers, and technical team is an important pillar to offer tools and services that help farmers in their operational daily routines. This feedback can be supported through co-creation meetings like the one held in Albacete.

Co-creation means creating tools and services together with users. The users know what they need, while the technology developers know what is possible. A continuous dialogue and collaboration between them will guarantee that the tools and services truly fit into the users’ operational routines. This enables wide uptake beyond the project’s areas and timeframe, which in turn increases impact towards enhanced sustainability.

The first co-creation meeting in the Region of Castilla-La Mancha took place in March in the farm Dehesa de los Llanos, one of the STARGATE pilot areas.

Left: Javier LLorens (person in charge of livestock area)
Right: María-LLanos López (AgriSat Iberia SL, STARGATE partner)
Photos taken by Elena Navarro (AgriSat Iberia SL)