AgroApps is an SME founded on 2015 in Thessaloniki, providing advanced ICT solutions and services to public and private organisations focused on agricultural solutions for climate and weather forecasting.

AGROAPPS has significant experience in exploitation and market exploration on state-of-the-art and standards compliant technology solutions, taking “applied” IT applications to their real market. AgroApps has a vast network of highly advanced people and technologies.

AgroApps software specification and information technology team uses sophisticated models and forecasting techniques in providing highly accurate solutions and services within the framework of the real market exploitation. AgroApps makes its customers understand the added value of the solution and makes them step up and take advantage of every bit of the application. AgroApps vision is to make climate and weather forecasting solutions reach their real market.

No matter if it is everyday people or extremely specialized target groups. AgroApps target is to find and exploit the real-life markets in favour of its products and make sure that they do not stay dormant.


AgroApps capitalising its personnel’s extensive experience in ICT agricultural solution, will be responsible for the development of the STARGATE FARM INFORMATION platform that will enable the anonymously sharing of user-generated data under strong security and privacy policies (WP6).