GAIA EPICHEIREIN is a newly established Greek organization founded in 2014 as a result of a broad coalition between farmers & agri-cooperatives (71 agri-cooperatives and associations, 150.000 farmers) that have teamed up with partners from the IT sector (NEUROPUBLIC SA) and the banking sector (PIRAEUS BANK GROUP) sharing a common vision of a more sustainable and competitive Greek agricultural model.

The objectives of GAIA EPICHEIREIN include, among others, the provision of investment, consulting and services to the agricultural sector, as well as the protection and strengthening of the pursuits of agricultural cooperatives for the development of solid agricultural and cooperative entrepreneurship.

The implementation of these pursuits is based on the nationwide network of Farmer Service Centers (FSCs) developed by GAIA EPICHEIREIN in cooperation with powerful agricultural cooperatives throughout the country, making the agency the main service provider for farmers and their organizations at the national level. Furthermore, GAIA EPICHEIREIN is a new member of EUFRAS and COPA & COGECA.


Gaia taking advantage of its collaboration with many cooperatives will build a stakeholder community. Furthermore, is going to participate in data collection and analysis, according to project objectives. Also, GAIA will focus on pilots testing on the selected agriculture sector of grapes. GAIA can also contribute as an active member to Dissemination & Communication of the projects because regularly organizes conferences, workshops and seminars (mainly through the FSCs). Among these information and communication actions, the Pan-Hellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture stands out as a reference point in the Greek agri-food sector. Each year, more than 500 representatives from the farming community, the academic & research community, regional, national and EU authorities as well as major stakeholders across the agri-food chain in Greece and the EU, gather together in order to share their vision on Greek and EU agriculture and exchange views on trends and policies affecting the development of Greek agriculture.