Innovagritech s.r.l. is a Spin Off of the University of Foggia born in 2012 with the aim of responding to the need for innovation in rural areas also through the use of information technologies.

The Company Innovagritech s.r.l. it is mainly engaged in the development and supply of innovative services and in technology transfer, with particular reference to the agro-food sector, has its registered office in Foggia at the Department of Economics of the University of Foggia and makes use of a group of researchers who experts in economics and rural development policies and companies specialized in ICT.


The mission of Innovagritech matches with the project activities,the use of digital technologies in agriculture, boosting economic diversification and empowering rural communities. Particularly Innovagritech will be involved in the framework and requirements to find the linkage between rural policies as well as EU’s Agri-environmental and climate measures (CAP’s second pillar). In addition, Innovagritech will be involved in the build a Living Lab users community that actively participates in the project activities.