NEUROPUBLIC (NP) is an innovative Informatics and Technology company, specialized in the development of Web- and Cloud- based integrated information systems and high performance applications. NEUROPUBLIC’s products and services have been successfully used for more than 15 years by more than 800.000 end users in the areas of agriculture, local administration and health, among others.

The company has invested more than €3M in Research & Development over the last years and applies its scientific results in innovative products that meet both current and future needs of the market as well as the new market trends. In this context, it has developed the first and only large-scale IoT infrastructure in Greece, consisting of thousands of in-house designed and manufactured wireless sensors installed on agricultural land.

NP is a member of international networks such as the Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) and an active contributor to Farm Europe, participating in their working groups on smart farming. It is also a member of relevant Greek networks, such as Corallia’s si-Cluster, the Hellenic Emerging Technologies Industry Association (HETiA), the Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) etc.

NP has participated and participates in a high number of collaborative projects, including research project funded by the EC (Horizon 2020, LIFE, FP7 and FP6, such as DataBio, IoF2020, SmartAgriHubs, LIFE GAIA Sense, e-shape, PoliRural, NIVA etc.), projects funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) such as Euro-VO Registry & RAWDAR as well as national projects (in collaboration with local governments, health units, Agricultural Cooperatives etc.).


NP will serve as WP3 leader since a great amount of its activities in the project will be focused on the collection, analysis and fusion of heterogeneous data. Fully aligned with the project’s main target; the provision of improved and climate-smart ICT tools for resilient farming systems and as a technical partner, NP will be engaged in all aspects of the project’s technical development (WP4, WP5). NP will also support pilot testing activities (WP6) and will lead the Greek pilot use case that aims to reduce the environmental of farming by applying climate-smart irrigation, fertilization, pest/disease management advisory services. Finally, NP will contribute to the dissemination of project activities (WP7).