The main topic of the meetings with farmers was the discussion about farmer´s feedback on management and crop yields in relation with weather course, irrigation and tillage management, data and information from VUMOP side (what did work, what might be improved, changed, etc.), information on pests and diseases during period of 2020.

At the same time, the outlook was discussed as well as the details on cooperation with the farmers for the next year 2021. It means the anticipated field blocks and crops for the field trials, preliminary timing, etc., farmers requirements (data, information, support).

Agata, Ltd. Farm: Sojovice – Stehlíkovo and U Studánek” fields
Crop: Potatoes (2020, will be for 2021)
Irrigation system: Automated linear-traveling gun irrigation system
Meeting with farmer of Agata Ltd. fields in Sojovice farm.

Pěstitel STRATOV a.s.: Stratov – field Mýto
Crop: Onion
Irrigation system: Drip Irrigation
Meeting with farmer of irrigated Stratov field with the meteorological station.

The meteorological station provides data on Global radiation, Penman potential evapotranspiration, Air moisture, Air temperature, Cumulative precipitation, Precipitation intensity, Wind speed.

  Drip Irrigation system in one of the Stratov field; winter Onion, field trial for the year 2021.


Onion harvest in the Stratov field „Mýto“; September 2020.