The long-term objective of the South Moravian Region, South Moravian Regional Authority, is not only to fulfill all legislative regulations and meet the needs of customers but also to constantly increase the quality and efficiency of its activities and services.

South Moravian Region, especially Department of the Environment elaborates and updates the conceptual documents of the South Moravian Region in the field of the environment, such as the Water and sewerage development Plan, administers the provision of financial contributions and subsidies, in particular financial support for forest management, water management and water projects and environmental education, upbringing and edification.

It implements measures aimed at protection, preservation and improvement of the favorable status of important natural sites (active biotechnical management) on 687.7 hectares of specially protected areas (natural monuments and reservations). It also cooperates with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, implemented the air quality measurement campaigns of small municipalities at the turn of October and November 2017 in selected localities in the South Moravian Region.


South Moravian Region fulfills the role of a pilot region where research technologies, promotion of dissemination of results, organization of seminars for subjects active in agriculture, protection of landscape, forest or water. In this project, we expect an exchange of information and experience among partners involved in the field of active nature conservation management, notably on the construction of landscape elements (such as windbreaks) and involvement in the fight against climate change.