Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is an internationally recognizable regional platform for higher education, science, knowledge transfer and ideas leadership, offering an ecosystem of the digital era for versatile options in acquiring professional higher education and carrying out interdisciplinary research, giving a proactive response to the challenges of the society.

Education: ViA offers higher education study programs, lifelong learning opportunities and extra-curricular education for secondary school students.

Science and research: ViA has set a research development strategy that proactively responds to the current social challenges and external demand.

Knowledge transfer and leadership of ideas: ViA takes on a role of an intellectual leader to advance the growth of its region and Latvia, through building lucrative partnerships and collaborating with various businesses and educational institutions across the globe.


The role of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in the project will be related with simulation modelling and requirements definition. ViA will participate in climatic data analytics and data models and development and evaluation of methods and tools for decision making.