Water and climate are inextricably linked. We feel the effects of climate change mostly through water: more floods, more droughts, and more pollution. At the same time, we can tackle climate change through water. Everyone has a role to play !!!

This year, World Water Day (22 March) and World Meteorological Day (23 March) share the same theme: “Water and Climate Change”. By uniting the two international observances, the aim is to raise the profile of water in the climate debate.

Given the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there will be no official joint ceremonies. Instead there is an additional focus on Safe Hands. stressing the need for hand washing – and turning off taps at the end – to try to protect ourselves against #COVID19.

One of the most effective ways to slow down transmission is to wash or sanitize our hands. However, globally three billion people do not have access to even basic hand washing facilities at home.

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For more interesting information, visit the World Meteorological Organization website.