WIRELESSINFO is private Czech research institute founded in 2003 with focus on precision farming, crop protection, crop monitoring, soil protection, landscape management and ICT for agriculture.

WRLS has a very wide field of activities with a big exploitative research, innovation and implementation potential on both on Czech market and International market. WirelessInfo brings together SMEs, research and industry and directly involves end users in research and development. WirelessInfo also contribute to number of roadmaking and standardisation activates and vision about innovation in area of agriculture and rural development.

WirelessInfo connect skills in precision farming soil management, land use and land scape management with high skills in ICT namely sensors and GIS technologies. WirelessInfo s fully aware of the trend of decreasing consumption of pesticides on the EU agriculture. Increasingly, therefore, the effectiveness of their use will be more important.

It is important to reduce influence on environment. WirelessInfo has experts from all, crop protection, climate and ICT . This requires the latest scientific knowledge and technology. That is why WirelessInfo has joined the Stargate project. WirelessInfo has long experience in developing of systems for precision farming.

It is already coming from 5th Framework projects, WirelessInfo and PreMatMod, where organisation participating in these projects agreed to establish WirelessInfo Living Lab, to protect know how developed in these projects and support better transfer ok new results into practice. WirelessInfo is covering all activities related to precision farming, including data analysis, modelling and also software development. WRLS is able to guarantee or scientific and development expertise to guarantee Czech pilot. Pavel Gnip is one from WorldWide biggest expert in precision farming for long time. We also agreed, that Mr Peza from Adama will give us consultancy for crop protection.



WirelessInfo will contribute to development of pilot on south Morava, and will also contribute to development of DSS focused on adoption of chemical protection on climatic changes. As Living Lab with number of companies from agriculture sector, WirelessInfo has also large exploitation potential. WRLS will also contribute to utilization of sensors and Earth Observation. Due fact, that WRLS and its members are long time on the market, WRLS will be able to connect agrochemical expertise with expertise on modelling and provided tools for recommendation for crop protection. WRLS also agreed, that for consultancy will hire Mr Peza from Adama, who will cooperate with technical exerts on implementation of modelling tools. WRLS has already large experience from agrochemical and climatic modelling, which already done in FOODIE project and now is realizing as part of EUXDAT.