12 December 2022, 14:00-16:00 CET, Zoom Platform

Addressing mixed agricultural and agroforestry systems involves a set of concepts that need to be defined for different spatial levels. However, these concepts (and relationships among them) can be defined differently in the context of different projects and research communities. Although we think that every definition can be fully coherent in its own context, we believe that it is useful to exchange our views about how we see “mixedness”, so that we can aim to have a shared view which brings coherence across our three projects.

The purpose of this joint seminar is twofold: (i) to have an overview of the conceptual frameworks built around the concepts of “mixedness” in the three projects; (ii) to brainstorm around some key concepts with members of the three projects together, and thereby to move towards a common and shared definition.

We will brainstorm around three main specific points: (1) definition of “mixedness”; (2) meaning of “transition to mixedness”; (3) key challenges for mixed systems. These three points will be discussed at two specific spatial levels: farm and landscape.


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