Climate Smart Farming: Trends, tools and technology and many more

By Heather Tunstall, Corporate Content Director, Brand Media & Engagement, Meister Media Worldwide

Climate and agriculture go hand-in-hand, and when there’s volatility, the ag industry feels it. As the climate shifts and begins doling out extreme weather on a more regular basis, it’s imperative that growers mitigate their innate vulnerability as much as possible by incorporating smart practices.

The ripple effects of climate change are varied and significant: increases in invasive pests, long-lasting droughts, intense weather events, and ultimately, reduced crop yields, to name just a few. Compounding that, regulatory efforts are hampering once-relied-upon solutions, leading growers to seek alternate means of protecting crops and increasing output while keeping the bottom line healthy.

The aim of Climate Smart Farming is to help growers adapt to and manage the risks associated with the changing climate, while creating more resilient, healthier, productive acreage to help sustainably feed a growing world population. In this report, we’ll take a look at the ways in which the agriculture industry is currently being impacted as well as how to incorporate climate smart practices.

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