The importance of weather forecast and work planning tools in agriculture is not something that’s new, but it’s something that many farmers take as beneficial.

It’s always been the holy grail in agriculture to have an accurate, site-specific weather forecast and work planning tools for numerous on-farm applications. Weather IoT devices in the field provide data to calibrate the forecast based on actual field conditions and learn the climate at the field location over a period of time (AI system approach).

This is further enhanced by a multi-forecast model approach which is checked and updated hourly and reduces forecast bias. By using these techniques, a detailed hourly field level forecast for several variables is accessible. For example, temperature, wind speed/direction and gusts, precipitation amounts and probabilities, dew point, relative humidity, leaf wetness, ETo, cloud cover, and solar radiation.

The detailed data is then integrated into work planning tools for: plant nutrition, field accessibility, tillage ability, sowing window, plant protection (spraying), and a harvest window.

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